Tierra TraNiece found her love for writing at the curious age of four. However, it wasn't until 2014 when she chose to share her talents with the world. 2015, Tierra began her very own poetry slam within her community to raise awareness for literacy.


#SlamLiteracy allowed Tierra to showcase her smooth vernacular while also providing platforms for local artists, and collecting books for inner-city youth (3,000+). Gaining an organic fan base, grasping the attention of many, and landing her a write up on both Rollingout & Voyage Miami.


The gold Saturn. 

The grind didn't just stop at poetry. Once Tierra realized the power of the poetry, she decided to take it to the next level. Taking some of the hottest and classic instrumentals to the built-in radio of her 2000 Saturn and going to work.


Fans, or as Tierra has named them (Necessitees) gravitated quickly to the catchy freestyles in the car, eventually catching the attention of Miami super producer Rippa De la Hoya. It didn't stop there. Celebs such as Plies and Quality Control's Pierre "Pee" Thomas didn't hesitate to share videos of the word guru after being tagged countless times by her #Necessitees. Her freestyle to Miami's own City Girls "Act up", took Tierra from 5k followers to 10k in just a few days. 



and counting.



In 2019, it was a heartbreak and a phone call to Rippa that birthed Tierra's breakthrough. "Fool Me Once" became a fan favorite instantaneously. Thousands of tags from #Necessitees singing along, countless club plays, and a whopping 1.3 million streams. (Not bad for a rookie huh?) 


In May 2019, Tierra entered a local radio contest. "99 Jamz co-sign" For a week straight, fans were able to vote, and they made sure Tierra knew she had their support. Winning by a long shot, Tierra landed an interview during the popular Pac jam with Dj Nasty and Radio Big Mack.


By June, Tierra was booked,busy, and everything in between. She was performing at some of the hottest local clubs in Miami. A drastic change from the teacher lifestyle she was used to. Tierra was attending Florida International University by day and blazing stages by night. Hometown Legend "Trick daddy" was one of the few big names to embrace Tierra at the start of her music career.


December 2019, Tierra competed again, winning The "99 Co-sign Artist of the year".


With over a dozen features, 1.3 million streams, 100k youtube views, two EP's, (The Rookie and the vet, April 2020, & My funny valentine February, 2019) and 21,000+ #Necessitees, Tierra has no intention of stopping. Although she does believe in self-care and taking breaks when you just don't feel like your best, Tierra has proved time & Time again, she moves at her own pace.