Acup0ftee is BACK

Hey Necessitees,

It’s been a while. If you’ve been following me since “Acup0ftee” you’re definitely my “DAY 1”. If you have no idea what I'm talking about, let me catch you up. I started a blog in 2013 when I was in college in Tallahassee and thousands of people fell in love. Acup0ftee kind of ended abruptly and as much as we think closure is a myth, it sure feels good to know “why”. Well, I’ll just get straight to the point. Things happen, people grow and sometimes you move on. Well. At least that’s what I thought. A huge component in my adult life has been journaling and I’ve realized the only way I managed to stay partly sane as a teen was because I had you guys there reading my blog posts making me feel like someone cared about what I had to say and to take that away from so many who have grown with me, it just wasn’t right. So, “ACUP0FTEE” is back, but with a shot of Remy. Same blog, real-life situations, just all grown up. I love you guys old and new.


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