Adulting is a scam.

Now, how many of you thought that when you got older there would be some magical life waiting for you on your eighteenth birthday? All of the times you got mad with your parents and disagreed with their rules you'd say to yourself "I Can't wait to turn 18" How stupid of us, lmao.

No, but seriously if I knew then what I know now, I would’ve uttered different words. Although life is what you make it, there are some obstacles you just can't shake. Heartbreak, debts, friendships, finding your purpose, ugh the list goes on. Somewhere in this subscription to adulthood the fine print was indeed fine. So, what do you do when things are seeming too "ADULT-ISH?" Do you cry? do you complain? Do you go to sleep? Well, I do both, and if you needed a sign that there are other people in the world that's going through the same as you no matter how much more successful, they "look" this is your sign. I always say before I come to my senses, I gotta lose my mind first. I wish I was the type of person that didn't cry, but honestly, you can yell at me too loudly and I’ll turn into the river Justin Timberlake was singing about.

However, there's no way out of adulting once you get there so my only advice is to learn how to adapt. Surround yourself with, like-minded people, change your friends if you're the smartest one in the group, learn how to budget the money you make, manifest the life you want, and no matter how hard times get, always be kind to yourself. There are thousands of people in the world that wouldn't pass up the chance to be cruel to you, don't be one of them. Life is happening to everyone and no one's problems are more important than the other. Pray for people you love, pray for humanity, and stop sleeping on yourself. Adulting is a scam, but life. . . is too legit to quit. So just have acup0ftee, I'll add Remy to mine and we'll figure it out like we did last time.

Don't give up :)


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